20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers - 2020

20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers - 2020

Geospatial data is becoming useful in every industry where there is a need for having a clear view of the assets and resources. Its availability in real time has numerous benefits to offer to the businesses that rely on spatial knowledge to move forward in their operations. As it gets embedded in the operational procedures of businesses, it is driving the demand for IoT based devices and GPS enabled systems. More and more businesses are today adopting GIS to be at par with the advancements of other industries and have already witnessed significant growth in business owing to the improvement in their efficiency. Today, GIS gives people the ability to create their own digital map layers to help solve real-world problems and it has also evolved into a means for data sharing and collaboration, inspiring a vision that is now rapidly becoming a reality. GIS plays an important role in mapping and surveying of construction sites and serves as a complete platform for infrastructure development life cycle. Similarly, it has many other use cases in other industries, making it a widely used technology across sectors.

CIOReviewIndia understands that organizations and enterprises are on a constant lookout for GIS solution providers who can keep them in pace with the changing norms. Hence, we present a list of “20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers - 2020”. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial board, we believe these solution providers can transform business processes through their valuable offerings.

We present to you CIOTechOutlook 20 Most Promising GIS Solution Providers - 2020.

Top GIS Solution Providers

Company Name Company Description
Bellare GIS Consultancy Has advanced infrastructure and sound technical expertise in the field of Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS technologies.
Ceinsys Tech Addresses hydraulic modelling and consultancy in water management domain through Geospatial services
Clove Technologies Renders mapping solutions, asset mapping, location based mapping, and data acquisition solutions
Cronquest Technologies Offers end-to-end solutions for Laser Scanning, Building Information Modelling, Aerial Photogrammetry, LIDAR, Mobile Mapping and Smart City Modelling
Cyient Advanced imagery and sensory based solutions, Intelligent and safety navigation system across different transportation networks are provided
Dimension India Specializes in undertaking GIS contracting services like GIS conversion, GIS mapping, Application development, and conversion of manual maps to GIS
Excel Geomatics Services for topographic mapping and surface modeling as well as LiDar survey services are provided
Fervent Software Facilitates Fleet management, Geo Data Management and monitoring GIS through Navigational and Transit GIS services
Furgo Offers Marine geoconsulting, Geophysical services, Marine environment services through integrated data acquisition, analysis and advice
Hardcastle GIS Provides a GIS platform for data sharing that facilitates workflow, decision making across business sectors
HUVIAiR Drone data based 3D GIS analytics engine are supplied in order to process, visualize, analyse and to manage projects effectively
Iowaaska Technologies Provides consultation based as well as product based GIS solutions that facilitate urban planning with urban monitoring system and urban resource management
iSpatial Techno Solutions Spatial application development services are provided for Geospatial applications, Marine Data analysis and Geospatial web services
Lepton Software Leverages location intelligence and provide GIS solutions and Geospatial consulting practice across Telecom, Govt Retail, Automation sectors
NorthSouth GIS Delivers geospatial solutions based on Esri Technology for environmental projects, e-governance in utilities, and marine and ports industry with a proprietary 3D mapping engine
Probity Soft Software based GIS solutions are provided which are integrated with e-Gov, Mapping, Geo-coding, GPR, Google Integration, and Mobile GIS
Remote Sensing Instruments A long-standing total solution provider in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing.
SpaGeo Technologies Offers GIS consulting services for government, and business sector and also offers GIS start-up services for the implementation of GIS system
Technowell Services Works on the GIS products designed to map the geographic data that facilitates farmers to make informed decisions
Trimble Provides Geospatial solutions with integrated sensors, field applications, real-time communications, field and back-office processing, modeling, and analytics.